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Lippu Sistersien keikalle!


JV-kurssin loppukokeen uusinta sattuukin sellaiseen paikkaan, että joudun pakosti käymään ekassa kokeessa jo ensi maanantaina. Siis justiinsa Sistersien loppuunmyydyn keikan aikana. Laitoin lipun äsken Huutikseen osta heti -meiningillä alkuperäiseen hintaan 27e, koska trokarit on pyllystä. Auttakee köyhää opiskelijaa ja vinkittäkää liputonta kaverianne, koska mulla tuo jää nyt muuten käyttämättä.

The Sisters of Mercy 23.3. HKI

edit. MYYTY, kiitti Liimolle :)


... aaand my Mum just called. Somebody has been poisoning dogs deliberately in Nokia! Right after this was reported, Hilla and especially Taika got very, very ill after a casual walk in the woods. They had to be taken to a vet, given liquid shots and special food and all that. But they're still puking out everything or simply not eating at all despite medication. Taika can hardly walk and hasn't eaten in two days. Hilla is slightly better, but not much.

It might be a really bad flu or just something else contagious. I really do hope so. Now what kind of people poison harmless family pets on purpose? It's probably really hard to train adult dogs not to eat anything not given by their owner but we might have to try. That's if we still got two dogs left tomorrow.

I'm just mad and worried... beyond describing it properly. =(

It's published!

Manufacturer's Pride - "Dahlia" music video! <3
It's even better than the preview, with all the special effects and stuff.

Manufacturer's Pride - Dahlia photoshoot


Löysin intternetistä still-kuvia Dahlian kuvauksista. It's a corpse me! Varsinkin tuo lähikuva naamiosta on onnistunut (ks. iho), mut toisessa varjot kadottaa mun vyötärön, vaikka oli korsetti päällä. No, hienot ne on silti. X)

Biisin liveversio löytyy Youtubesta, mutta se ei kuulosta kovin hyvältä tolleen vapaasti nauhoitettuna. Enempi tietoa bändistä ja biisin/videon julkaisuajankohdista on täällä.

Picture by Jukka Hirvonen (2008)


Let me know if you want a letter.
Then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter.
Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

Got me an M.

1. Macabre stuff (in general).
2. Management, as in Environmental.
3. Matrix, the movies... cell compartment study and Mathematics, too.
4. Militant Cheerleaders On The Move poser goths. Mostly their clothes, that is.
5. Mechanical bunnies.
6. Mist. Fog. Hith. Pretty!
7. Macaroni. Acquired taste due to student circumtances.
8. Movies and Music, obviously.
9. Munchables: Muffins, Marshmallows, Marmelade, Mud cake...
10. Memories. Some remaining, some lost, some invented.

Today I bought a pair of boots from eBay. "Zero feedback seller from UK" translates directly into trouble, maybe. We'll see if the boots are worth my monthly food budget. (It's eBay + Paypal, not Huuto.Net + account transfer...) Tomorrow I'll be off to Helsinki to see some peple and read comics. On Sunday I'll come back and get frustrated over the list of Things Not Done Yet.
Somehow I seem to have missed the school starting. Got two weeks to write the B-work before actual lecture courses begin, maybe that's why it doesn't feel real yet. There's not enough time for auctions, sewing, writing and all that now. No surprise, though. Sooo tired, better go to sleep now.


On acute sense of personal style.

I has it.

Or even more so - I had it. I was on the phone with Mum the other day and she told me that our relatives from Sweden had brought her a album of scanned and reprinted old family photos, some of them more than 50 years old. She mentioned one photo in particular, taken of me on Xmas 1985 or so. In the photo I was wearing probably the finest dress I'd ever had (in all my four years) back then, likely made by Mum, too. Shortly after the photo taking, my grand aunt had tried to tie a gift - an apron - around me. She'd sewn it herself out of flowery fabric, with ruffles and it was all girly stuff. I'm pretty sure I didn't quite grasp the ideas of clashing materials or styles back then. Nevertheless, I had been screaming, well... like a girl and crying and resisting furiously until she finally gave up. "No way of something like THAT going on top of my precious dress!" Of course I have no recollection of this at all, so I just have to imagine it. It's easy.

At some point between kids club and elementary school I lost it. But I got it back in high school. X)

A totally irrelevant notice: my left shoulder got sort of stuck in place this morning. Now it's working again but stretching hurts. Sewing all day hunchbacked and then sleeping in form of a curled thing does no good. I think I need a break or it'll get worse. Ten years ago I could work fabric in 20 hour stretches, no problem. I guess I'm just not that young anymore. :P

[edit.] Cut a corset and sew a skirt still but that's it for today, seriously! There are only 1,5 hours of machine sewing time left before unofficial silence anyway. Could do the laundry and wash the dishes, though...


Booting: 3... 2...1... 0!

Here we go again. Reluctant to pay for a mass editing tool... I decided to ditch the old journal. After four years it really was time to move on and regrouping some 1000+ entries manually was not something I wanted to do. (Seriously, there wasn't enough cheese to go with all of them.) During this time I have changed somewhat, as well as the people I write for... for the better I hope! I've even made some new friends who really don't want/need to know the details of every screw up of mine, originally reported only to a very small friends list. =D

Since the beginning - friends vs. everyone - I've learned to use groups, yes. There will be some of those, mostly based on language this time. (I have very little to say to the general public nowadays.) A few more things: Everyone on my friends list is a chummy person I know outside the internet, more or less. I'm also a bit literal about these things called "friends" and "keeping secrets"... So no fighting or snitching, kids!

A whole new semester of studies awaits and having slacked all summer (almost employed but not quite), I'm actually looking forward to that. Got three sewing jobs to do and one of them will actually be paid for. A little. Maybe. Should go see the Dark Knight on the screen while it lasts. Maybe start a new hobby and finally, get my own winter coat done before everything freezes over permanently. (It already did two nights ago when I was at home in Nokia.) So little time, so much to do... Later on I'll post a photo entry about the rags I've put together this summer. That's just to remind myself of having done at least something productive.

I'll end the first post of this journal in a short list of Things That Make Me Bounce this fall:

6.9. Club Schatten, Tampere [insert stompy feet here]
26.-28.9. Summer Fight Club Finland -LARP (stomping... may be included?)
10.-12.10. Ysaria -LARP, Kaarina (if I get approved for it, that is)
16.10. London After Midnight gig, Helsinki \o/ <- pure happiness
24.-26.10. Alternative Party, Helsinki -> with tons of nerds and Front 242!